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“Topline sets the standard for excellent paint restoration. Whether your car needs interior cleaning and conditioning or exterior wash, you keeping that paint on your investment looking fresh or simply protecting the factory paint with ceramic coating or protective filmoverlay. Topline Detail use the best products in the market...I recommend you get in touch with Brian Hunt to learn more."

Joshua T.

“Brian and his team at Top Line Detail are simply amazing! Their attention to detail shows in their work and give excellent customer service. I definitely recommend Top Line Detail to anyone who is looking for superb detailing.”


“TopLine Detail’s service and work is above and beyond any other shop I’ve ever worked with. I hit a spray can of commercial paint which sprayed down the side of my truck. I immediately called TopLine Detail to see what could be done. They had me in their shop the very next day and not only were they able to remove the paint but they had my truck looking better than it was before I had hit the can of paint. I would highly recommend TopLine Detail to anyone for their detailing needs!"


“So, when turkeys decide to roost on the hood of your car...you call TopLine Detail for help! TopLine Detail not only got the scratches out but detailed my entire car. I was shocked when I went to pick it up...my 7 year old car looked better than the day I bought it brand new at the dealership. I continue to be amazed at how easy it is to clean and how shiny and new like it continues to look. I’m extremely impressed and pleased with the job TopLine Detail did for me and would highly recommend them for any of your detailing needs!


“I was skeptical at first, but Brian took the time to walk me through the process and show me how the ceramic coating product, that he truly believes in, is superior. I was totally blown away when I viewed the results. Topline Performance did an amazing job on my 2013 Harley Davidson Road Glide. The infamous clear-coat swirl marks just disappeared, it looked as if I had just had it repainted. The bike looks better than the day I brought it home. The time, diligence and skill that goes into Topline Performance paint correction and detailing is impressive and well worth the money. A year later and it still gleams."


“Problem: I want to drive a bright clean glossy vehicle......I don’t enjoy (actually loth) spending 1 to 3 hours washing and cleaning a vehicle on Saturday morning. Keeping it clean is frustrated by an 1/8 mile of gravel to and from our house. Solution: Top Line Performance & Detail After Brian and crew finished washing, cleaning, buffing.....etc they applied the required coatings on the paint, glass and wheels. Paint: IGL Kenzie Ceramic Coating Glass: Glassparency Wheels: Ceramic Pro Results: Our Q5 has a very deep gloss that makes people take a second look. Most importantly all that is required from me is a quick power wash or basic automatic car wash and the Q5 shines perfectly. Time 15 minutes.....it’s absolutely amazing to watch the dirt rinse away with so little time and effort. Top Line Performance & Detail supplied a perfect solution for my needs. A vehicle that’s looks great with minimal time commitment........Thank you Brian."


“No question, Topline performance and detail is the best money can buy when it comes to paint correction and detailing. I became a customer over a year ago purchasing products for my vehicles like, Griots, Sonax, Ceramic Pro. The tips and product instruction from Topline was spot on and helpful. They use nothing but the best products in the industry. I thought I took good care of my vehicles, as far as cleaning and detailing. After seeing the results that customers were getting on their vehicles, I decided to have Topline do a paint correction and detail on my truck. I was so impressed that I am now a customer for life and have had a few of my vehicles done. I am now on a scheduled maintenance to keep product warranty on my vehicles, and keep them in tip top shape. They come out looking better than new and routine cleanings in between are so much easier. If you want the best for your ride, give Topline Performance and detail a call."

Jeff M.

“Top Line did the total package on my 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum. It came back looking amazing. The process took some time but they did a great job giving me updates during the whole process. It was so convenient! They picked up my truck at home and dropped it off when it was done. One of the parts that I thought was really nice was I had a few dents in the truck. Top Line was able to get a dent specialist to take care of the dents while they were working on the truck. They were also able to arrange to get my windows tinted while it was there also. Top Line is a true professional company. Their work is hands down one of the best I have ever seen. Their team takes the time to make everything perfect. I look forward to my truck looking brand new for years to come."

Matthew B.

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